A Magical Wedding At British Columbia

Weddings are no longer just events to formalize the union of two people. Many of couples these days view weddings as a perfect time for families, friends and important people to celebrate their love for each other and this therefore calls for the best venues. Undoubtedly, brides and grooms appreciate time with their family members and other important people in their lives so a great wedding reception venue is a must. In the British Columbia area, there are quite a plenty of wedding venues to choose from.

An array of available venues could be chosen. Whether you choose a romantic sunset in a heritage site, a beautiful beach set-up or a conventional space for your wedding, you have all of them ready in British Columbia.

Wondering what your venue options are? Here are three suggested venue options that you brides and grooms could choose from:

Mt. Daniel Waterfront Resort

If you wish to hold your wedding ceremony and reception in a beautiful and luxurious waterfront resort, then Mt. Daniel Waterfront Resort is the one you must choose. The resort offers 3 honeymoon packages, local accommodation for their 2 suites and 3 rooms as well as a wedding package and different other services for a stress-free wedding. The resort already has a spa, catering, wedding activities, special events services, boat charters as well as photographers ready so getting married would be as easy as a stroll by the beach.

Sunset Bay Yacht Charters

If you are one who loves the luxury of intimate moments by a romantic 110′ luxury yacht, then you should get to the Sunset Bay Yacht Charters. The yacht could accommodate up to 300 guests and cruise them though the spectacular skyscape of Vancouver while dinner and beverages are served first class by the staff.

Stanley Park Pavilion

For brides and grooms who wish to celebrate their wedding day in a landmark heritage chalet located at the heart of Stanley Park Rose Gardens, then this is the best venue. Brides and grooms could enjoy dancing under the lights of luxurious chandeliers while partying in a fitting manner.

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